Schiphol Airport

18 Oct 2022
A proposal to significantly reduce annual flights at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is rattling air cargo operators at the airport.
Schiphol Airport
03 Aug 2018
Schiphol’s management said it expected lower overall freighter air traffic movements in the first half, due to capacity constraints, but its longer-term analysis remains encouraging.
10 Nov 2017
Netherlands airport hub Schiphol is considering a government proposal aimed at solving its landing rights crisis impacting all-cargo flights.
31 Jul 2017
Schiphol’s second-quarter results are the latest in a string of strong performances by European airports and cargo airlines.
18 Apr 2017
European airlines accounted for half of the increase in global air cargo traffic to a five-year high in 2016.
26 Jan 2017
Europe’s cargo airports are outperforming its ocean container ports.
14 Jan 2016
Amsterdam Schiphol airport retained its ranking as Europe’s third-largest air freight hub in 2015 despite posting a larger decline in traffic than fourth-ranked London Heathrow.
19 Nov 2015
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s cargo throughput edged closer to last year’s tonnage in the third quarter, narrowing the deficit in the year-to-date to 1.44 percent and raising the possibility of matching record volumes in 2014.
19 May 2015
Europe’s top air cargo hubs are feeling the impact of a slowing Chinese economy and a fragile recovery in the eurozone with traffic declining, stalling or growing at a snail’s pace in recent months.
13 Feb 2015
Shippers between Nairobi and the global flower hub of Amsterdam chartered at least 1,500 tons of additional air freight capacity in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day to ship in flowers from Africa.
12 Dec 2014
The port of Antwerp faces a total shutdown on Monday as dockers and other waterfront workers join a 24-hour nationwide strike that will also paralyze rail freight and air cargo traffic across Belgium.
22 Oct 2014
London – Amsterdam and London have closed the gap with Europe’s top freight airports as pilot strikes at Lufthansa and Air France shrunk cargo traffic at their Frankfurt and Paris hubs.
16 Jul 2014
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol posted a market-beating 8.8 percent growth in cargo traffic in the first half of the year, more than twice the increase at its closest rival London Heathrow Airport.
17 Jan 2014
Amsterdam Schiphol airport posted 3.2 percent growth in freight traffic in 2013, driven by increased shipments of electro
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
29 Oct 2013
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol handled 383,780 metric tons of cargo in the third quarter of 2013, increasing 2.6 percent compared with the same period in 2012.
31 Jul 2013
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol handled 736,608 metric tons of cargo in the first half of 2013, rising 1.02 percent compared with the same period in 2012.
29 Apr 2013
Cargo through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol rose slightly in the first quarter of 2013 to 366,269 metric tons, up 2.3 percent year-over-year.
19 Feb 2013
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol added 800 metric tons of additional inbound freighter capacity, an increase of 30 percent, to its usual 26 weekly freight flights...
29 Jan 2013
DHL Express has renewed its lease agreement at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for another 10 years.
20 Jan 2013
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol report
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19 Dec 2012