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Founded in 1951, Chipolbrok (“Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company”) was the first joint venture in the People’s Republic of China based on an agreement between Poland and China that established maritime connectivity between Chinese and Polish ports. Beginning with a fleet of only six vessels, Chipolbrok now has developed into an ocean shipping corporation with a fleet of 17 professional heavy lift vessels boasting a total capacity of nearly 496,000 DWT, while serving all of the world’s major harbors. Its shareholders are the governments of Poland and China.

The first enterprise with foreign capital in the People’s Republic, Chipolbrok enabled the development of a transportation network that connected China with the global market for trade and services. The Head Office of Chipolbrok is located in Shanghai, China and the Branch Office is in Gdynia, Poland. Chipolbrok America Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary in Houston, Texas.

12 Sep 2022
MPV/HL ships could be harder to find in coming years as carriers have difficulty finding funding for new ship orders, despite strong demand and higher rates than they have been able to command for years.
08 Mar 2019
Megaproject logistics, which often involves moving huge pieces of equipment through remote ports, brings with it a unique set of risks and challenges that traditional liner carriers simply aren't equipped to handle.