Rickmers Group

09 Aug 2017
Germany’s Zeaborn Group has consolidated its presence in the heavy lift/project cargo shipping market.
21 Jul 2017
The trust manager of the company said it had sought approval to remove its shares in April.
11 Jul 2017
The sale of the ships to New York Stock Exchange-listed Navios is expected to be completed in parts from July 12.
21 Jun 2017
Maersk currently has 18 Rickmers vessels in its fleet.
19 Jun 2017
The company said vessels operations, in particular its ship management services, are “running stable."
13 Jun 2017
Rickmers Group filed for insolvency last week.
05 Jun 2017
“The aim of the executive board is to work out a new restructuring solution together with creditors and making use of the tools of insolvency laws.”
01 Jun 2017
HSH Nordbank has rejected further negotiations over the restructuring.
17 May 2017
Rickmers urged all creditors to abstain from actions that may jeopardize or delay the orderly wind-up of the trust.
16 May 2017
The court ordered bondholder Peter Kwok Kian Tow and Rickmers Maritime to exchange affidavits.
15 May 2017
“The likely outcome of this situation, if not resolved, is liens and vessel arrests.”
02 May 2017
The lower revenue also reflected a decline in the number of managed ships.
21 Apr 2017
The deal was struck just more than a week after Rickmers Maritime announced it was winding up its business.
20 Apr 2017
Bertram Rickmers has offered to give up control of Rickmers Holding.
12 Apr 2017
The Singapore-listed manager of a fleet of 14 Panamax vessels was unable to obtain the approval of bondholders.
21 Mar 2017
Rickmers Maritime’s loss rose to $180.1 million in 2016 from $129.2 million a year earlier.
13 Mar 2017
The local branch of the German bank said it would support an “orderly winding-up” of the trust.
09 Feb 2017
Rickmers did not give financial details of the transaction.
26 Jan 2017
Rickmers Maritime has sold its second container ship for scrap in as many months.
21 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust’s future became even bleaker Wednesday.
12 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust confirmed it is selling the youngest ship ever for scrap.
09 Dec 2016
The trustee-manager canceled a Nov. 9 vote on restructuring a bond because there were insufficient bondholders to form a quorum.
22 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime failed to meet the final deadline for an interest payment today, further fueling doubts about the survival of the Singapore-based container ship owner.
21 Nov 2016
Singapore owner-charterer was split from holding company last month.
15 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust failed to make an interest payment due Tuesday, pushing the Singapore-based Panamax container ship owner closer to the brink of insolvency.
11 Nov 2016
Rickmers Group posted sharply reduced earnings and revenue in the first nine months of 2016.
09 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust cancelled Wednesday’s scheduled meeting of bondholders that was due to vote on a restructuring plan.
31 Oct 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust plunged to a net loss in the third quarter from a profit a year earlier.
18 Oct 2016
The group has disposed of its entire 34.2 percent stake.
07 Sep 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust has received an offer from its leading lenders of a restructured secured amortizing term loan facility.
The first half was not kind to Rickmers-Linie, and the second half will not be much better.
31 Aug 2016
Multipurpose carrier's average rates per ton fall 20 percent amid industry-wide overcapacity.
Although Rickmers Holding has backed away from this merger, the company signaled it remained open to other opportunities that might present themselves.
26 Aug 2016
Germany’s Rickmers Holding and ER Capital have dropped plans to merge their ship management operations.
From container lines to shipowners, rates are at historic lows due to a combination of weak demand and overcapacity.
12 Aug 2016
Rickmers Group sank deep into the red in the first half.
08 Aug 2016
Rickmers Maritime said its charter fleet faces even tougher times ahead following the opening of the widened Panama Canal as its second-quarter loss more than tripled and its charter revenue was down more than a third from a year earlier.
16 May 2016
Rickmers Group posted sharply lower earnings and reduced revenue in the first quarter.