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Since 2006, Netherlands-based Roll Group, which comprises RollDock and Roll-Lift, has been developing and marketing innovative engineered solutions for heavy lifting, transportation and installation challenges both on land and at sea. RollDock owns and operates its own fleet of highly adaptable transport vessel, deploying its own semi-submersible multifunctional vessels and ice-class Module Carriers. As part of Roll Group, RollDock benefits from in-house knowledge and engineering expertise.

Roll Group has also undertaken several projects in the power sector, providing logistical services to transport and deliver items such as electrical transformers and generators by both sea and road. Making use of multiple load and discharge methods, Roll Group enables very heavy loads to be lifted on board vessels by means of tandem lifting with the vessels’ cranes or the Roll-Lift equipment.

For smaller cargo, Roll Group has engineered heavy lift equipment especially suited for delivering machinery used in civil construction, port handling, renewable energy projects and other challenging categories of heavy lift cargo.

RollDock, SAL say pooling their dock vessels will improve vessel utilization.
12 Feb 2018
RollDock and SAL say pooling their dock vessels will improve vessel utilization, broaden coverage, and provide more options for customers.