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SAL Heavy Lift GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, specialises in the sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo. SAL’s offshore subsidiary focuses on developing and delivering installation solutions for the oil & gas and renewables sectors.

SAL also offers a Semi-Liner Project Service for the transportation of heavy lift, breakbulk and project cargoes on several routes that span continents:

-- Between Europe and the Far East: Ports en route including the Black Sea and Persian Gulf, when required;

-- Between Europe and West Africa, including additional round trips via the Cape to and from Asia and the Persian Gulf, and

-- From Asia to East Africa via the Cape to West Africa

SAL’s fleet of heavy lift vessels, equipped with advanced lifting gear, can operate in remote or small ports, regardless of port infrastructure. Its vessels are also well suited for offshore loading and discharge operations. In addition, SAL offers a port-to-port Project Service and port-to-site service (e.g., feeder service) worldwide, providing tailor-made transport and installation solutions to its clients. SAL aims to meet the specific needs of its clients for innovative, efficient and flexible solutions required for the safe and secure transportation of heavy and time-sensitive cargo.

12 Sep 2022
MPV/HL ships could be harder to find in coming years as carriers have difficulty finding funding for new ship orders, despite strong demand and higher rates than they have been able to command for years.
22 Jul 2022
SAL joins competitors AAL and UHL with firm orders for multipurpose newbuild vessels, even as charter rates soften a bit from their current high levels.
29 Apr 2022
Multipurpose and heavy-lift vessel capacity will remain tight for years, keeping upward pressure on pricing, carrier executives said at the JOC Breakbulk & Project Cargo conference.
17 Jan 2020
German super-heavy carrier SAL announces C-suite additions and a digitization push as the outlook for 2020 stabilizes.
20 Dec 2019
Harren & Partner, owner of heavy-lift carrier SAL, has purchased three secondhand ships and is also testing an innovative combustion system for retrofitting on other ships in the fleet.
09 Dec 2019
Outsiders can find vessel chartering in the breakbulk sector exasperatingly opaque. In part three of a six-part special report on the topic, takes a look at how SAL Heavy Lift manages its business, which is seeing a boost in vessel use this year from energy projects.
Second-hand multipurpose/heavy-lift sales gaining ground
24 Sep 2019
MPP sales and purchases are unfreezing as faith in the market builds and capacity remains tight, according to Toepfer Transport.
20 Feb 2019
Despite a recent uptick in activity in the oil and gas industry, SAL Heavy Lift tells any new vessels must be versatile enough to handle multiple types of cargo.
'K' Line is selling SAL Heavy Lift six years after acquiring the project cargo carrier.
26 Jul 2017
Harren & Partner are aiming for “light-touch” integration with SAL Heavy Lift.