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Based in Busan, South Korea’s largest port, SM Line is a specialized carrier that provides trans-Pacific, intra-Asia shuttle services that use Busan as their base. As of 2019, SM Line operated 21 containerized vessels, while offering:

- Transpacific shuttle service based on Busan as a hub port;

- Services that connected its Asian feeder network to Busan, and

- One of the fastest trans-Pacific transit times from Busan to Long Beach, California.

SM Line offers cost efficiencies by enabling its customers to secure the use of SM’s vessels at a competitive price. SM Line can also respond quickly to customer demand because SM is an independent carrier. It also offers shippers real-time cargo tracking capability.

SM Line to join 2M Alliance in cooperation agreement
12 Feb 2020
A cooperation agreement between the 2M Alliance and SM Lines that begins April 1 will increase the alliance’s presence in the Pacific Northwest.
09 Jan 2020
The resumption of weekly liner service to Portland after a four-year absence will test the ability of the Oregon port to return to its heyday when it handled more than 300,000 TEU a year.
SM Line returns container service to Portland in wake of ILWU ruling
19 Nov 2019
SM Line will bring direct liner service back to Portland after a two-year absence even as the ILWU deals with a recent $93 million judgment against the union for damages the terminal operator incurred during five years of work slowdowns at the Oregon port.
JOC Top 40 container carrier rankings first half 2019
16 Sep 2019
Container carriers in the slowing US import and export trades are exercising increased discipline, maintaining capacity levels rather than introducing new vessels in an attempt to secure a larger share of the market.
New HMM CEO targets customer focus for turnaround
27 Mar 2019
The South Korean container carrier says its new CEO will “focus on a customer’s view on handling HMM’s current issues in order to lead managerial innovation and strengthen its sales competitiveness.”
SM Line.
13 Nov 2018
“There is no will or reason to merge the two companies. SM Line will continue to build its own business models and we will do our part to survive in the market independently,” said SM Line CEO Kim during a meeting at the company’s headquarters in Seoul.
An SM Line ship.
13 Jun 2018
SM Line said growing volume in the second half of the year should return rates to a level that covers operation costs.
SM Line's appeal for HMM cooperation rebuffed again
15 Mar 2018
SM Line Corporation has again appealed to its larger compatriot rival Hyundai Merchant Marine to collaborate on trans-Pacific routes.
SM Line sets May for new China-US West Coast service
17 Jan 2018
Expanding SM Line will add another China-US West Coast service to its growing portfolio as the carrier continues to grow its market share.
11 Jan 2018
In a recent interview, Soo Cheon Lee, co-founder and chief investment officer at investment bank SC Lowy, said SM Line would have to find partners on the trans-Pacific if it was to maintain its competitive edge.
Korea’s SM Line aims to partner with HMM on trans-Pacific
19 Dec 2017
SM Line is hoping to partner with its larger Korean rival HMM as the carrier plans to launch a new trans-Pacific service.
SM Line continues intra-Asia push with joint service
31 Oct 2017
The South Korean carrier has made steady inroads into the trans-Pacific and intra-Asia trades.
04 Sep 2017
It has been a remarkable ride for South Korean start-up carrier SM Line, which is about to enter the Top 20 that after just six months of operations.
SM Line to launch new intra-Asia and trans-Pacific services
03 Jul 2017
SM Line Corporation plans to add nine more vessels to its fleet by the end of this year.
SM Line buys intra-Asia slots to India
17 Mar 2017
SM Line is entering an already crowded market.
SM Line's trans-Pac service to rely heavily on spot rates
27 Feb 2017
The head of SM Line container shipping business has outlined his carrier's plans on the trans-Pacific.