Port of Chittagong

Port of Chittagong


Currently, Bangladesh’s prime seaport has a 50,000-TEU storage capacity, including the yard at Pangaon Inland Container Terminal. However, the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) will build a one million-square-meter (1.19 million-square-yard) mega-container yard, which will substantially increase storage capacity, lessening port yard congestion. The new facility, to be called Bay Container Yard (BCY), will add space for 550,000 TEUs, increasing Chittagong port’s storage capacity to 600,000 TEUs — a more than tenfold increase in yard storage capacity. The new yard is expected to cost $87.5 million and will be built by PSA Singapore.

With average annual container handling growth of more than 10 percent, the Chittagong port yard faces acute congestion throughout the year from container storage. Moreover, during festival-linked holidays, when truckers are reluctant to transport cargo, the number of containers at the port yard exceeds storage capacity. 

Chittagong, which handles nearly 90 percent of  Bangladesh’s seaborne trade, handled nearly 3 million TEU in 2017, compared with its designed annual capacity of 1.7 million TEU. The private sector inland container depots (ICDs) provide some storage container relief for Chittagong port; the ICDs can handle 1.56 million TEU per year.

Chittagong Port.
30 Mar 2018
Wilhelmsen did an exhaustive search of the market and whittled down the list to five lines with vessels that could accommodate a bold solution for the Chittagong Port assignment.
Containers at a port.
19 Mar 2018
Under the limit, a three-axle truck laden with a TEU has a 30 tonne weight limit and a FEU on a four-axle truck has a 40 tonne weight limit.
Chittagong Port.
20 Feb 2018
Port officials said expanding facilities at the port has now become crucial, in order to cater to the nation’s growing trade — volume that the existing establishment cannot handle.
Chittagong port, Bangladesh
08 Feb 2018
Bangladesh’s government has agreed to designate the Bay Container Terminal a ‘fast-track’ project in order to facilitate growing external trade and ease congestion at the country’s prime seaport, Chittagong.
23 Jan 2018
The mega-port will ease ship congestion at the Port of Chittagong, which is deep enough to handle, at best, 1,200 TEU vessels.
08 Jan 2018
Under the expanded VAT system, all services at the Port of Chittagong will be subject to the VAT.
03 Jan 2018
Despite a gain in container traffic, it was a bittersweet 2017 for the Port of Chittagong.
22 Dec 2017
New regulations at Chittagong will give ships lifting fewer than 1,200 TEU 48 hours to complete loading and leave the berth, as the port struggles to cope with congestion.
20 Dec 2017
Shippers say the low water draft in domestic routes, especially in the Karnaphuli River, prevent lighterage vessels’ navigation, causing delays in unloading of goods from vessels anchored in the outer bar.
12 Dec 2017
Shippers allege that due to the new axle load policy they need to use two truck/prime movers to carry goods typically found in one TEU or FEU container, resulting in higher carrying costs.
07 Dec 2017
The electronic lock system's goal is to reduce en route theft, smuggling, and dumping of unwanted goods, but shippers say its cost is high, it will increase port congestion, and is not necessary.
28 Nov 2017
The new loop is well suited for the booming general consumer goods and garments industry in Bangladesh.
13 Nov 2017
“We need long-term planning.”
30 Oct 2017
Chittagong port truckers on Sunday called off a 48-hour strike.
05 Oct 2017
Delays at Chittagong are between 10 and 15 days.
28 Sep 2017
A new feeder service from Chittagong operated by state-owned BSC would reduce dependency on foreign operators.
19 Sep 2017
“Shippers are forced to pay extra for each day vessels wait in the port.”
11 Sep 2017
Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mahbubul Alam praised the port authority for acquiring the new equipment.
26 Aug 2017
“We need capacity to rise immediately.”
21 Aug 2017
The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has doubled the penalty for containers kept in its yards past free time.
18 Aug 2017
There were 12 vessels waiting to enter the port Friday morning.
14 Aug 2017
The government of Bangladesh has been rushing to provide relief to the port of Chittagong.
11 Aug 2017
The Chittagong port authority has imposed fresh limits on vessels calling the port.
08 Aug 2017
“The congestion in Chittagong port has gone beyond the tolerable limit.”
04 Aug 2017
US cotton exporters say that although Bangladesh is a growing market, its port congestion and lack of direct services adds complexity to their supply chains.
03 Aug 2017
The port authority has also commenced 24/7 operations to ease the backlog of containers.
24 Jul 2017
Container ships' average time in port for the month of July rose more than three hours in just the last week.
21 Jul 2017
"It’s unethical,” says the Shippers Council of Bangladesh chairman.
19 Jul 2017
The congestion appears to be worsening.
17 Jul 2017
“The coastal shipping deal will reduce cost as well as time. To us, time is also money.”
07 Jul 2017
The duo will develop a container feeder service to cater to the needs of exporters, importers, and local coastal traders.
30 Jun 2017
Port users fear further delays in container handling in the already congested port following the incident.
26 Jun 2017
Bangladesh is set to start construction of a third seaport at Payra.
19 Jun 2017
Apart from adding the ports and routes, the two sides are in discussion over changing how transit route maintenance costs are shared.
08 Jun 2017
The lack of equipment needed to screen cargo at the country’s busiest port of Chittagong is likely to compound already extensive congestion there.