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US Ports

News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. From the latest news about port congestion, port strikes in L.A. or elsewhere, the JOC covers not just the details of the news, but the impact of current events on shippers, logistics providers, carriers, port terminal operators and other stakeholders in the sector.


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25 Oct 2021
The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will levy costly fees on containers with excessive dwell times in a bid to clear the mounting backlog of vessels at anchor off Southern California.
25 Oct 2021
The Port of Charleston will not open its new chassis pool in May 2022, delaying the launch by six months because manufacturers and lessors cannot supply the volume of chassis in time.
22 Oct 2021
Duluth Seaway Port Authority has become the second Great Lakes port with the ability to handle international sea freight with the expansion of a container examination facility.
18 Oct 2021
The South Carolina Ports Authority wants to tap more shippers of consumer goods by speeding the flow of containers off its terminals and making transloading sites more available.
18 Oct 2021
Jim Newsome will step down in mid-2022 after 13 years of serving as chief executive officer of South Carolina Ports.
18 Oct 2021
The White House’s intervention to resolve port bottlenecks in Southern California faces steep challenges that will require coordinated action from terminals, truckers, and distribution centers effectively acting as an integrated system.
15 Oct 2021
The Georgia Ports Authority has begun offering fixed earliest receiving dates (ERDs) and will sync up cutoff dates with ocean carriers to address two of the top concerns of exporters in Savannah.
15 Oct 2021
A flood of imports into the Pacific Northwest is boosting spot truckload rates out of Seattle as shippers facing delays and intermodal container shortages seek new routes for freight moving inland.
14 Oct 2021
Three ocean carriers have decided to temporarily switch US calls to Charleston instead of Savannah as more than 20 vessels are anchored off the Georgia port.
13 Oct 2021
Even as the Biden administration works to ease US port congestion, fresh data on September imports from Asia shows stakeholders have their work cut out for them.
13 Oct 2021
The White House said the Port of Los Angeles will start offering an overnight shift for the retrieval of containers and that major shippers have pledged to utilize the new shift.
11 Oct 2021
Reinstatement of the Ocean Network Express trans-Pacific service to Oakland that ONE canceled earlier this year due to port congestion will add some much-needed vessel capacity to handle agricultural exports.
07 Oct 2021
Truckers were blocked from returning empty containers to NY-NJ marine terminals more than usual in September due to ongoing congestion.
06 Oct 2021
Los Angeles-Long Beach ports say they still need more buy-in from shippers to participate in projects designed to increase cargo velocity after 15 months of congestion and little sign of relief for the months ahead.
05 Oct 2021
The Port of Virginia’s modernization program is 80 percent complete and due to finish in 2022, which will provide a newer chassis fleet that is less likely to break down on a highway.
04 Oct 2021
The Port of Virginia has seen increasing delays for rail-bound ocean containers due to Norfolk Southern’s metering of traffic.
01 Oct 2021
Container terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey will start charging truckers who miss appointments, citing the need to recoup the costs of staging containers for pickup.
01 Oct 2021
Industry leaders have observed in recent weeks that despite efforts by individual ports to address congestion issues, the biggest impact on fluidity of cargo movements will come from an easing of demand.
30 Sep 2021
The import surge in Seattle-Tacoma this past month has filled local warehouses beyond capacity, crippling the transportation supply chain in the Pacific Northwest.
29 Sep 2021
Canada’s largest pension fund is taking full ownership of Ports America as the fund seeks to increase its exposure to US markets and trade.
28 Sep 2021
The ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver have not matched the rapid growth of US West Coast ports this year, but they are free of congestion and ready for any peak-season volumes that come their way.
28 Sep 2021
The Georgia Ports Authority will spend $34 million to purchase an additional 40 acres of property adjacent to two existing development projects to expand container capacity even further over the next two years.
28 Sep 2021
The Jacksonville Port Authority has awarded a $48.8 million construction contract that represents the beginning of a larger expansion at the Blount Island Terminal as it readies to handle larger ships.
27 Sep 2021
The Port of New York and New Jersey on Monday reported the highest number of container ships at anchor all year as land-side congestion and the inability to quickly fetch containers off terminals add to delays.
24 Sep 2021
Jam-packed West Coast warehouses are pushing more freight inland earlier, raising spot prices and expedited trucking costs in lanes out of the Los Angeles region faster than expected.
22 Sep 2021
Chassis providers warn that only the easing of import volumes, and the resulting reversal of rising dwell times, will relieve tightness in equipment supply as production capacity is maxed out.
21 Sep 2021
With capacity out of Oakland severely limited by carrier desertions last winter, Northern California agricultural shippers are desperate for vessel space this harvest season.
20 Sep 2021
The Port of New Orleans and other Louisiana ports make an appeal for federal aid to restore operations that were damaged by Hurricane Ida.
20 Sep 2021
The current disruption exposes a glaring deficit in productivity, infrastructure, and information that predated the pandemic and has made North America the key culprit in the global meltdown in container supply chains.
17 Sep 2021
The dispute hangs on a clause inserted into the master coastwise contract in 2003 that requires ILA representation of workers operating ship-to-shore cranes and yard equipment.
16 Sep 2021
Port officials in the southeastern US are taking steps to help importers and exporters navigate terminal congestion that isn’t expected to ease anytime soon.
14 Sep 2021
With shippers facing crippling congestion in Southern California, the Port of New York and New Jersey is seeing more volume and the demand has spilled over to long-haul trucking.
09 Sep 2021
The Port of Baltimore received four fully electric cranes on Thursday for a second berth that will open when the cranes are put into commission in a few months.
08 Sep 2021
The Port of Philadelphia’s main container terminal will stop unloading and loading operations through the rest of the week in a bid to clear out a container backlog.
08 Sep 2021
After going four years without a weekly container line service, Portland announces new services as well as ad-hoc calls by ships chartered by freight forwarders.