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Global Sourcing

Coverage of developments in the global supply chain, including changes in sourcing patterns.


Creating efficient, compliant trade processes is essential for competing in today’s global economy, yet many businesses still struggle to gain control over their customs operations.

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10 Feb 2022
US resin exporters are finding a much tougher shipping market to start 2022 as export gateways deal with unreliable vessel schedules and tight capacity.
03 Feb 2022
US resin exports fell last year amid limited production capacity and strong domestic demand.
15 Oct 2021
Shipping and freight industry experts say the supply chain has entered a new normal where volatility and high costs are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.
05 Aug 2021
Surging demand from shippers has resulted in stronger pricing for ocean containers, and manufacturers are responding with increased output, according to a Drewry report.
29 Jun 2021
Global detention and demurrage charges doubled over the past year as shippers faced unprecedented delays in moving their cargo and ocean carriers sought quick return of equipment, according to Container xChange.
17 Mar 2021
With summer seasonal imports from China to the US starting to ramp up, the US Department of Transportation is being urged to help shippers struggling with bottlenecks and costs.
19 Jan 2021
Startup SILQ is aiming to provide apparel retailers with an alternative to buying houses, which act as agents that find suitable suppliers in overseas locations.
12 May 2020
US tariffs on electronics goods produced in China continue to push production and assembly of some electronics to Southeast Asia and Mexico, with the latter grabbing a growing share of laptop computers and televisions due to its proximity to the US market.
10 Feb 2020
Supply chain participants should be putting coronavirus contingency plans in place, not only for what appears to be inevitable near-term disruption of their China-based supply chains, but also for potential knock-on effects that could extend well beyond the Chinese economic sphere.
23 Oct 2019
Mexican auto production, domestic vehicle sales, and imports of autos through the country’s ports have all fallen this year, and IHS Markit predicts sales and production will be flat next year, likely limiting growth in auto-related supply chains.
05 Jun 2019
Despite predictions of a 3.9 percent increase in Canada’s container trade in 2019, there are multiple factors that could reduce the figure, including the US-China trade war.
30 May 2019
The recent escalation in the US-China trade war has American multinational companies considering more cost-effective sourcing markets, but finding a comparable alternative to China is no easy task.
01 May 2019
US importers paying tariffs might have some remedies at their disposal to limit their financial obligation, but many don’t know their options and are leaving valuable savings on the table.
13 Mar 2019
Senior Europe Editor Greg Knowler on the impact the United Kingdom's European Union exit will potentially have on logistics, in particular the post-Brexit reality of customs inspections for all goods crossing the English Channel.
06 Apr 2017
Footwear importers encounter logistics challenges as they source outside of China.
17 Jun 2016
Reliable partners are key to shipper success.
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17 May 2016
Industry players from logistics service providers to container lines and air cargo airlines correctly see e-commerce as a trend that, more than any other, will drive change in traditional supply chain processes and have a transformational effect on the way goods are connected to consumers.
19 Mar 2016
Its economy, its currency and many of its commodity products may be tanking, but the decline has yet to ruffle the feathers of one of Brazil’s largest exports: chicken.
02 Mar 2016
Pursuit of supply chain visibility is a continuous process that is growing more difficult to do well in a world of increasingly complex and globalized supply chains.
02 Mar 2016
Weak export growth is a serious impediment to economic growth and prosperity in the U.S. and is hampered more by inadequate infrastructure than by the strong U.S. dollar, delegates were told at the TPM 2016 conference here.
12 Feb 2016
Vietnam’s preferential access to European Union markets and those of the U.S. once free trade deals between the two blocs are ratified will accelerate growth in the country’s already booming apparel and footwear markets, believes global tag and label maker Avery Dennison.
19 Jan 2016
India has ousted China as the emerging market with the most growth potential, according to a global survey of more than 1,100 logistics and supply chain executives.
18 Jan 2016
Shippers in Bangladesh are finding new ways of getting their air cargo to Australia after the government Down Under slapped a ban on shipments heavier than 500 grams being carried on freighters and passenger planes from several countries, with the South Asia garment-producing giant among them.
13 Jan 2016
Asia’s shippers are beginning to devote more time and energy to understanding the new global container weight rule that will be enforced from mid-year, but it is no easy task to assess what the regulation will mean to their supply chains.
11 Jan 2016
Product inspection failure rates at factories in the export powerhouses of Asia rose sharply in 2015, both in China and across the newer sourcing countries, according to global quality control and compliance firm Asia Inspection.
01 Dec 2015
Seven out of 10 global shippers lack the visibility in their supply chains needed to prepare and respond to disruptions — whether they are port labor slowdowns, natural disasters or something else.
19 Oct 2015
Mexico is in the fast lane to become a major automotive manufacturing hub. And while the decision to move to Mexico may seem simple for automobile and auto part makers looking to cut costs and transit times, it doesn’t make managing supply chains any simpler.
20 Aug 2015
After decades of moving operations overseas, executives at U.S. manufacturing and distribution firms say they’re coming home, or at least closer to home via Mexico.
Sue Abt designed art showing car manufacturing upgrades in Mexico
05 Jul 2015
Mexico is no longer the low-wage sourcing location for low-value consumer products for the U.S. market that it was two decades ago when the North American Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. and Canada was implemented.
25 Feb 2015
Retailers continue to feel the hangover of West Coast port gridlock that will persist for weeks despite tentative agreement on a coastwide longshore labor contract.
19 Jan 2015
Asian countries dominated the 2015 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index released today with four nations ranked in the top 10 emerging markets – China, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.
16 Jan 2015
U.S. footwear import data have revealed the extent of the shift in sourcing that last year saw manufacturers steadily expanding production in Vietnam at the direct expense of China’s market share.
12 Jan 2015
From port congestion and new ocean alliances to driver shortages and rail service worries, the global supply chain is more fragile than at any point in recent memory. Three shippers discuss how they’re adjusting to the challenges.
29 Dec 2014
Growing e-commerce in the European Union are creating new opportunities for logistics firms but also new liabilities in areas such as product safety, a transport-focused UK law firm argues.
15 Dec 2014
Relocation of manufacturing to the U.S. has increased in recent years but doesn’t appear to be growing faster than manufactured imports, management consulting firm A.T. Kearney says in a report on reshoring.