Based in Long Beach, California, Cargomatic is a logistics company focused on connecting the fragmented short-haul and drayage trucking markets in real time, with shippers and carriers via Cargomatic’s web platform and mobile app.

Cargomatic assists shippers and carriers by providing services that

1. Improve capacity utilization by maximizing carrier truck capacity, and thus reduce empty runs.

2. Allow truckers to do additional jobs, or owner operators to be their own bosses.

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3. Minimize drayage wait times to relieve congestion at ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach.

4. Assist shippers without fleets, or shipper fleets that are at or over capacity, by adding supplemental drivers.

By seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers through its web and mobile apps, Cargomatic connects shippers with a network of its company-owned trucks, as well as with those owned by other trucking companies and by their owner operators. Responding to requests, shippers post local loads, and truckers deliver them. Cargomatic handles all the particulars in between, including GPS tracking, real-time update and alerts; and even electronic POD [Proof of Delivery] processes.

Cargomatic says that it is helping truckers grow their businesses and helping shippers track their freight in real time. Cargomatic’s niche is local and regional shipments in Southern and Northern California, with some presence in other metro markets such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Florida. The company also arranges less-than-truckload shipments so customers can move their pallets within local markets, and truck goods between major U.S. ports and nearby warehouses and rail yards.

25 Aug 2016
Investors appear to be demanding more proof “Uber for Trucking” concepts actually will work.
24 Mar 2016
Los Angeles-based startup Cargomatic has named two logistics veterans, one from Coyote and another from CEVA logistics, to its leadership team.
17 Dec 2015
Cargomatic plans to launch the commercial version of its "free-flow" system for moving containers through congested ports by the end of the year, co-founder and president Brett Parker said.
16 Dec 2015
Cargomatic is expanding its "Uber-like" truck and cargo-matching service to San Francisco, and eyes further expansion in 2016, both in terms of territory and services.
06 Mar 2015
The key to making the Cargomatic free-flow program work is to have enough BCO partners to generate a sizable block of containers each day to keep the equipment operator or operators busy, Mark Wheeler, general manager at WBCT, told a workshop at this week's TPM Conference in Long Beach.
05 Mar 2015
Cargomatic, the company driving the "Uberization" of local trucking in Southern California, wants to use its technology to break the massive container logjam at West Coast ports. The "Silicon Beach" tech company is offering a free-flow program designed to get ocean containers stacked up in port terminals on trucks and moving inland more quickly.
29 Jan 2015
A fresh round of investment will help Cargomatic bring its on-demand local trucking technology to shippers in new U.S. markets.
20 Aug 2014
Venice, California-based Cargomatic is testing its “Uber”-like truck and shipment matching technology in the tri-state trucking market of New York, northern New Jersey and Connecticut.
24 Jun 2014
The “Uberization” of trucking appears to be gaining momentum.