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Based in Seattle, Conway is a digital freight brokerage that automates the time-consuming, error-prone process of matching loads to trucks. By eliminating human intermediaries, Conway offers lowers the cost of logistics services to its shipper customers, and passes on more of the revenues to the carriers who are its users.

According to Convoy, its provides the following benefits to shippers and carriers: For shippers: Convoy’s free transportation management system (TMS) allows shippers to manage all of their freight from one centralized place. This helps them lowers total costs, while providing asset-like reliability and efficiency, with broker-like flexibility. Get the reliability and network planning capabilities of an asset-based carrier with the flexibility of a broker. About 35% of all truck miles logged in the U.S. are “empty miles” and result in 72 million metric tons of carbon emissions a year, the company says, citing Environmental Protection Agency data.

The Convoy platform system enables shippers and carriers to enjoy the benefits of real-time pricing backed by guaranteed capacity; as well as automated load matching and pricing; and integrations to the Transportation Management Systems of BluJay, MercuryGate, and other providers. Shippers can use the real-time data provided by the system to improve visibility into all their shipments, in order to improve the productivity and performance of their supply chains.

Carriers can use the Convoy platform system to keep their trucks full as a result of automated bidding and hauling reloads. Carriers can quickly find, bid on, and win loads – on a 24/7 basis. Using either their phones or desktop devices, carriers can manage all documents processed by the Convoy system.

Carriers have free access to all available loads. It normally takes minutes for carriers to sign up and book any load.The company also arranges more precise drop-off and pickup times to ensure truck drivers are not waiting around warehouse loading zones for hours and can be back in service sooner.

08 Aug 2022
Convoy’s counterpunching approach to being sued by load board provider DAT Freight & Analytics is as much about winning the battle of public opinion as it is about winning in court, a transportation attorney told
01 Aug 2022
Load board provider DAT and freight broker Convoy have sued one another over Convoy’s development of a product that DAT says is competitive with its own, violating a contract Convoy signed with DAT.
16 Jun 2022
Recent layoffs and delayed public offerings in the logistics technology sector offer clues that economic uncertainty over the health of the freight market is mirrored in the software world.
21 Apr 2022
Venture capital investors have plunged $410 million into Convoy, as one of the more notable digitally native freight brokers seeks to expand its reach to small truckload carriers and large shippers.
29 Jun 2021
High-profile digital intermediaries Flexport and Convoy are partnering to provide shippers an integrated ocean and truckload service by connecting their respective technology platforms.
19 May 2021
Convoy is expanding its drop-and-hook program to cover more spot freight, a move that lets shippers negotiate demand variability without sacrificing the efficiency benefits of pre-staged loads.
17 Dec 2020
Convoy is integrating with AscendTMS, another sign of the importance of enabling small truckload carriers with software to manage driver dispatch and scheduling, which helps give shippers electronic access to more capacity.
19 Nov 2020
Convoy has seen considerable volume growth for a program under which loads are pre-staged for drivers, prompting the freight broker to develop more predictive capability to route empty equipment to shippers’ facilities.
09 Oct 2020
Shippers are modifying their approach to truckload contracting, using more short-term “mini-bids” than ever before and turning to technology to improve a process that often breaks down when market prices swing quickly.
15 Jul 2020
Freight broker Convoy has enabled small carriers to bid for long-term dedicated freight contracts, expanding the pool of carriers shippers can access to secure such capacity.
15 Apr 2020
Logistics startups are facing a new reality in which funding rounds are likely to be smaller, recurring revenue expectations will be higher and valuations will be greater for subscription-based software than for digital brokers and forwarders.
27 Mar 2020
Digital truck brokers have found it hard to confidently provide an accurate guaranteed rate to shippers 14 or 21 days in advance because of the unpredictable developments of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), causing one-off quotes to be higher than normal.
19 Mar 2020
A trio of prominent logistics technology CEOs told shippers that navigating the coronavirus crisis comes down to decentralizing inventory and avoiding investment in fixed assets.
02 Jan 2020
The high-profile financial failings of so-called disruptors like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Blue Apron, and WeWork should serve as a warning to investors in the budding digital freight brokerage space.
Convoy snags historic $400 million investment
13 Nov 2019
The freight broker Convoy has landed the second biggest single funding round in North American logistics technology industry, as its investors more than double down on the idea of technology solving inefficiencies and waste in the truckload market.
Convoy has catered to small shippers before now, but put a pause on serving new customers with fewer than 1,000 truckload hauls this spring and summer.
01 Oct 2019
Convoy is releasing a new transportation management system for shippers relying on spreadsheets and emails -- a free software option that provides access to Convoy quotes and booking.
12 Sep 2019
DHL Supply Chain will connect with the truckload freight network of Seattle-based broker Convoy and San Francisco-based collaborative software provider Turvo, startups that have raised more than $355 million in combined funding.
Large incumbent brokers believe they have the historical data and scale in shipper volume to build freight matching technology that counteracts innovations by startups such as Convoy, Transfix, and Uber Freight.
11 Jul 2019
Shippers testing the efficacy of digital freight matching tools, whether from new broker entrants or through established providers, now have the option of working with larger brokerages such as GlobalTranz and JB Hunt.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
01 Oct 2018
The quickened pace of investment in the freight tech space amounts to growing expectations from venture capital investors that one or more of these companies will be able to truly transform a fragmented and often inefficient market.
A truck travels on a US highway.
16 May 2018
Convoy is among the most prominent of a large crop of digitally powered companies using algorithms to better match capacity and demand.
Uber Freight
08 Feb 2018
Convoy and Uber Freight, two technology startups, are attempting to persuade US shippers they can deliver immediately covered contract and spot market loads, new capacity, total rate transparency, real-time tracking and data analytics, and market intelligence that can drive supply chain decisions.
Convoy says no boilerplate checklist can cover every aspect of planning and pricing a project move.
20 Jan 2018
Convoy Logistics Providers' niche is "project and specialty needs cargo that can take six months to three years, where [there are sometimes quotes] without even knowing actual weights, dimensions, densities, or dozens and dozens of critical details."
06 Nov 2017
Anheuser-Busch InBev seeks a special ingredient that would make its supply chain flow as smoothly and freely as lager from a tap: dynamic, real-time shipment data.