27 Sep 2022
Shippers are seeking unified data across the modes they use, something that has prompted project44 to integrate data into a single platform it released Tuesday.
15 Aug 2022
Investors into logistics technology providers are focusing more on long-term profitability than growth at all costs, leading FourKites to join a growing list of companies to lay off employees to cut costs.
21 Jun 2022
FourKites will get access to previously internal shipment data from FedEx to train its predictive visibility system as part of a new planning and problem resolution platform called FourKites X.
03 Jun 2022
Gartner’s annual examination of the real-time visibility market changed little from 2021 to 2022, with the analyst identifying standalone visibility providers as continued leaders for the in-demand market.
17 Feb 2022
FourKites has partnered with e-commerce technology specialist Narvar to link predictive freight visibility with post-purchase solutions for retailers and brands aspiring to fulfill orders online.
18 Jan 2022
FourKites’ acquisition of European trucking and rail data provider NIC-place enhances its ability to get granular data on shipments in an increasingly competitive landscape for visibility.
20 Oct 2021
FourKites is helping its customers tackle the management of detention and demurrage charges through a dashboard that help them prioritize containers likely to incur free time fees.
28 Sep 2021
Visibility provider FourKites has worked with consumer packaged goods customers to develop a way to connect orders to in-transit freight and yard data to improve supply chain planning.
30 Aug 2021
Acquisitions and large funding rounds have catapulted standalone multimodal platforms to market-leading positions, but the growing list of global and domestic visibility providers signals ongoing demand for different approaches to freight visibility.
07 Apr 2021
The real-time freight visibility market continues to push into the world of ocean freight, with FourKites, fresh off a $100 million funding round, acquiring global transportation management provider Haven on Wednesday.
24 Mar 2021
FourKites has landed a $100 million funding round, led by industrial investors, to use visibility data to drive strategic supply chain insights by linking hardware and software-derived data.
14 Sep 2020
Visibility software provider FourKites has unveiled a product designed to help shippers better track arrival times and delays associated with individual purchase orders rather than entire shipments.
29 May 2020
After spiking in March owing to increased demand for essential goods amid the COVID-19 pandemic, truck detention has receded but remains a disruptive factor for truckers that can backfire on shippers when capacity is needed.
19 May 2020
project44 is ramping up the multi-modal nature of its visibility offering, another signal that shippers are craving single environments that connect all modes and regions.
15 Apr 2020
Logistics startups are facing a new reality in which funding rounds are likely to be smaller, recurring revenue expectations will be higher and valuations will be greater for subscription-based software than for digital brokers and forwarders.
25 Mar 2020
FourKites’ acquisition of the yard management visibility solutions of Denver-based TrackX indicates an intent to build broader freight network visibility for its shipper customers.
01 Oct 2019
While the search for true end-to-end visibility continues, the rise of partnerships between visibility providers in distinct legs continues with surface transportation-oriented software company FourKites partnering with container visibility provider Ocean Insights.
TMS tie-ups blurring lines between brokers, visibility providers
08 Aug 2019
Partnerships between TMS providers, digital brokers, and visibility providers are becoming commonplace, but that doesn’t mean the blurring between those models is easy for shippers to understand.
Specialized SaaS visibility supplanting end-to-end approach
11 Jun 2019
Shippers might dream of a single end-to-end visibility system, but providers still specialize in certain areas, so a more realistic approach is figuring out how to stitch deep, but narrow, systems together.
Chicago-based FourKites landed $50 million in its latest funding round.
05 Feb 2019
A new funding round for visibility software provider FourKites underscores continued venture capital interest in supply chain technology start-ups.
California Los Angeles interchange.
03 Jul 2018
Cell phone service providers may soon pull the plug on a key data pipeline underpinning domestic visibility software, but most companies have switched to other location systems. Shippers need to ensure that their providers aren’t overly exposed to this cell phone triangulation data.
12 Oct 2016
A $13 million infusion of venture capital is slated to help a cloud-based load-tracking provider expand to new modes and new markets.