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Infor Nexus news and analysis. In September 2015, GT Nexus was acqured by Infor. Get the latest news about Infor Nexus and the technology industry.

11 Aug 2020
Maersk’s recent entry into the TMS space highlights the range of players targeting different segments of a fragmented shipper market that’s gravitating toward web-based tools.
13 Mar 2020
Technological prowess is now an expectation for global third party logistics providers. Allport Cargo Services’ approach is not to build its own proprietary systems, but to act as a superuser of Infor Nexus’ shipping software.
04 Feb 2020
Automating certain components of their transportation procurement and management processes can yield more accuracy in handling freight bills, according to Chris Stauber, chief product officer of transportation management software (TMS) provider Haven.
03 Feb 2020
Traditionally, shippers have been responsible for receiving freight bills and ensuring those bills are accurate, but some are flipping that script through “self-invoicing.”
Logistics technology and container shipping.
29 Oct 2018
For one, the acquisition is part of a wider trend toward consolidation in the logistics and supply chain software markets, one in which platforms are coalescing around the idea that global manufacturers and retailers need to execute more processes on fewer common platforms.
Transportation California 110 and 105 interchange.
02 Oct 2018
One month after the global transportation management system provider MercuryGate sold to Summit Partners, a private equity group, the smaller Cloud Logistics was snapped up by E2open, a supply chain software provider best known for its planning, demand forecasting, and supplier management functions.
20 Sep 2017
ClearMetal is one of a passel of newcomers armed with venture capital funding that are seeking to radically rearrange the cargo movement industry.
11 Aug 2015
Infor’s announcement that it would acquire GT Nexus for $675 million is the latest sign of how consolidation in the logistics cloud-based software industry is paralleling similar activity in the global third-party logistics market.