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Kontainers provides branded and customized customer-facing execution platforms for shipping lines, freight forwarders, OTIs (ocean transportation intermediaries) and NVOCCs (non-vessel operating common carriers), that allow their customers to get instant rates, book cargo and manage all their shipments online on any internet-enabled devices. The platforms cost a fraction of what it would take those firms to build them by themselves -- and are delivered in only a matter of weeks, according to Kontainers.

For firms with various needs and budgets, Kontainers provides three different kinds of services, each of which involves hosting and infrastructure management by Kontainers:

-- Essential, designed for small forwarders and freight brands that need the ability to attract and transact with shippers online;

-- Edge, designed for adoption by early users of e-commerce; and

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-- Enterprise, for those customer-facing firms that seek a “total digital solution” that includes customized screens, full functionality and workflow; and advanced integration capabilities for their entire global enterprises.

Kontainers’ suite of solutions can either integrate seamlessly with the current software of its users, or Kontainers can fulfill all of the digital freight requirements of its users, at a higher cost.

Kontainers' freight software products now power the branded platforms of almost a quarter of the world's top 20 global shipping brands, including Maersk Line.

10 May 2021
The importance of integrating rate management capability into a forwarder operating system has driven Descartes to acquire German software maker Portrix, the third such acquisition by a widely used forwarding system in recent years.
11 Jun 2020
Logistics software acquisitions continue to occur amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest being Descartes’ $12 million deal to purchase UK-based online forwarding software provider Kontainers.
19 May 2020
Kontainers, which has made inroads in providing forwarders with an online transactional channel, is partnering with Portrix, a longtime supplier of rate management tools to top forwarders.
11 May 2020
Forwarders wanting to build instant quoting capability often need to juggle multiple systems and navigate setbacks to get to a desired state of reaching broader customer segments.
07 Apr 2020
Online platforms to check rates, procure capacity, and track freight are not new, but forwarder Kuehne + Nagel is testing whether an intra-Asia-specific platform will accelerate uptake of such an approach.
18 Mar 2020
Forwarders facing the task of continuing operations while under work-from-home mandates are getting a boost from software providers offering free versions of their products to help companies cope with the new distributed environment.
03 Mar 2020
New offerings released this week by Evergreen and Kontainers underscore the recent shift in how cargo transport is sold online and what’s available to book.
10 Sep 2019
CEVA joins Maersk and Toll in an e-commerce portal that gives customers 24/7 access to their shipments.
Blurring division of customer, provider leading logtech possibilities
18 Jul 2019
Sponsored: At TPM19, Kontainers' CEO Graham Parker discussed insight from conference panelists; experiences that led to company founding; building a consumer-type experience for freight forwarders, and the most-misunderstood area of technology.
Charles Lee, CTO at Kontainers discusses the challenges of technology adoption in the shipping industry, including data normalization, and closing the tech gap.
14 Jul 2019
Charles Lee, CTO at Kontainers discusses the challenges of technology adoption in the shipping industry, including data normalization, and closing the tech gap.
10 Jul 2019
Kontainers is betting that small forwarders will gravitate toward a transaction pricing-based quoting platform to compete with the inevitable shift to freight e-commerce
VC funding expanding regional digital forwarder reach
03 May 2019
Venture capital groups worldwide have been pouring money into the digital freight forwarding model, but the regional proliferation of such companies is mirroring traditional forwarder development.
15 Apr 2019
Toll Global Forwarding is the latest global forwarder to offer instant quoting through a new three-year partnership with software provider Kontainers.
Maersk Line.
29 Jun 2018
Maersk's annoucement that it has used the start-up software provider to build its new e-commerce interface makes two points that all stakeholders in container shipping should note.