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New York-based Loadsmart is a technology company whose online platform makes it easier for shippers to move freight fast, and easier for carriers to keep their trucks full.

The Loadsmart platform enables shippers to receive instant quotes, book a truck in just seconds, and track their shipments end-to-end, from pickup all the way to delivery. For each shipment, Loadsmart provides shippers pricing information as well as instantaneous booking capability for over 900,000 lanes throughout the US, through application programming interfaces (APIs) (such as Python, Curl), spreadsheet plug-ins (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel) and transportation management systems (Oracle, MercuryGate, OneNetwork Enterprises, and so forth).

For their part, carriers provide Loadsmart with information about when and where their trucks will be available, using the same technologies -- spreadsheets, APIs or TMS integration. In response, Loadsmart automatically responds with information about the best-paying loads that match up with the carriers’ needs. Carriers do not need to make time-consuming phone calls, emails or use load boards (online matching systems that allow shippers and freight brokers to post loads.)

Loadsmart’s carriers are vetted and regularly screened to ensure the highest safety standards, insurance compliance and reliability scores, the company says. Shippers and carriers both enjoy complete transparency from pick-up to delivery, as well as tracking data for all shipments and smart notifications of key events.

02 Nov 2022
Shippers affected by the closure of a free less-than-truckload transportation management system in October have been given a pathway to migrate to another system connected to 15 LTL carriers.
20 Jan 2022
A $7.5 million funding round into Australia-based forwarder Explorate continues to demonstrate venture capital’s regional backing of the digital forwarder model.
27 Dec 2021
Pandemic-born disruption will continue forcing logistics practitioners to rework supply chains in 2022 to deal with ongoing congestion and equipment shortages.
30 Sep 2021
Digital brokerage Loadsmart and Home Depot are launching an automated, supply-led flatbed booking platform that will help the retailer “share” its dedicated truck capacity with other shippers.
20 Nov 2020
Loadsmart more than tripled the amount of capital raised through a $90 million round announced Friday as it seeks to automate the brokerage and optimization of US domestic transport modes.
17 Nov 2020
Shippers will need to look not just at multiple transportation modes, but across modes, to secure capacity in 2021, digital broker Loadsmart said.
13 Oct 2020
An analysis of shipper transaction data shows a marked slowing of spot market rate hikes in September after a turbulent summer, perhaps pumping the brakes on the rise of contract rates
20 May 2020
Digitally-oriented freight broker Loadsmart, backed in part by Maersk’s venture fund, has begun offering a product that stitches together drayage, transload, and truckload operations.
27 Mar 2020
Digital truck brokers have found it hard to confidently provide an accurate guaranteed rate to shippers 14 or 21 days in advance because of the unpredictable developments of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), causing one-off quotes to be higher than normal.
11 Sep 2019
The Cass Truckload Linehaul Index has gone negative for the first time since March 2017, a signal that in addition to spot rates, contract rates are starting to suffer as well; intermodal prices are also expected to go negative in October.
Loadsmart is adding to its full truckload instant quoting and booking platform with a new drayage product supported by investment partners Maersk and Ports America.
05 Sep 2019
Digital freight broker Loadsmart is adding to the list of startups aiming to revamp way shippers can procure drayage capacity in an effort backed by sizable investment from Maersk and Ports America.
While the number of affordable cloud-based TMSs available to shippers has expanded, many small and medium shippers still rely on spreadsheets to manage freight rates and bookings.
26 Aug 2019
Digital freight broker Loadsmart has built an extension to its platform to allow shippers using shareable spreadsheets to request rates and book truckloads directly within those documents.
26 Jul 2019
Maersk’s investment in digital trucking marketplace Loadsmart presaged a move to offer integrated US truckload rates on its online booking platform, a move the carrier confirmed this week.
Shippers might soon come to expect tools such as in-transit visibility and access to instant freight quotes will be provided within a 3PL's transportation management platform.
16 Jul 2019
Shippers benefit from logistics systems integrations, some of which they don’t even see, as 3PLs and software vendors develop embedded pricing and visibility functionality.
Loadsmart CEO Ricardo Salgado
31 May 2019
Sponsored: Loadsmart CEO Ricardo Salgado on using Artificial Intelligence to improve predictability of shipping rates.
08 Oct 2018
While Loadsmart is far from the only startup to take on the idea of automating certain parts of the truck brokerage business — Convoy, Transfix, and Uber Freight are the most notable names in this movement — the former has been on a different growth path.