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Based in Chicago, project44 provides an Advanced Visibility Platform for shippers and logistics service providers. Connected to thousands of carriers worldwide, project44 supports all transportation modes and shipping types, including Parcel, Final-Mile, Less-than-Truckload, Volume Less-than-Truckload, Truckload, Rail, Intermodal, and Ocean.

To deliver high-quality data and analysis for all of these stakeholders, project44 has built real-time connections between its Advanced Visibility Platform and thousands of carriers worldwide, using direct APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), multiple telematic devices and ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices). As a result, the project44 platform can ingest, cleanse and normalize high-quality data from a wide network of global carriers.

Project44’s Network Management Center facilitates complete carrier compliance with the platform, generating a quicker Return on Investment (ROI) for all stakeholders, a process that project44 describes as “Rapid Onboarding.”

13 Oct 2022
project44 and the Global Shipping Business Network are working together to tie cargo tracking and bill of lading data to unearth trade finance opportunities in Asia.
27 Sep 2022
Shippers are seeking unified data across the modes they use, something that has prompted project44 to integrate data into a single platform it released Tuesday.
20 Jul 2022
project44 executives say continued expected revenue growth and a healthy pipeline of new business cut against the notion that its move to let go of 63 employees is a sign of deteriorating fortunes.
03 Jun 2022
Gartner’s annual examination of the real-time visibility market changed little from 2021 to 2022, with the analyst identifying standalone visibility providers as continued leaders for the in-demand market.
04 May 2022
Hapag-Lloyd’s investment in container tracking hardware has visibility providers hoping to capitalize on better container location data to feed to their shipper customers.
26 Apr 2022
A new office near Washington, DC, is intended to help the CMA CGM–backed startup accelerator ZEBOX attract technology that can help its corporate partners in North America advance their digital logistics initiatives.
30 Mar 2022
project44 is aiming to provide non-traditional customers, like small shippers, consultants, and financial institutions with a high-level port congestion dashboard.
11 Jan 2022
Customer growth, geographic expansion, and supply chain disruptions in 2021 helped multi-modal visibility provider project44 secure $420 million in new investment, its third multi-million-dollar funding round in 13 months.
10 Nov 2021
project44 is continuing its venture capital-fueled offensive to build a global, multimodal footprint by expanding in the Latin American market, where it currently has a limited footprint.
14 Oct 2021
project44 is moving beyond freight visibility into booking through a new product that uses carrier location data to identify when truckload capacity is soon to be available for freight brokers to book.
21 Sep 2021
project44 continues its active 2021 with the $255 million acquisition of last-mile visibility platform Convey, the Chicago-based company’s largest purchase to date.
14 Sep 2021
Google Cloud is using project44 to boost the visibility prowess of its supply chain solutions, as cloud-hosting giants target the logistics industry.
30 Aug 2021
Acquisitions and large funding rounds have catapulted standalone multimodal platforms to market-leading positions, but the growing list of global and domestic visibility providers signals ongoing demand for different approaches to freight visibility.
01 Jun 2021
project44 has landed a $200 million funding round, mere months after its previous cash injection, as it eyes consolidating the top of the freight visibility market.
27 May 2021
project44 has followed its March acquisition of visibility provider Ocean Insights with another deal for competitor ClearMetal, whose customer base is primarily large global manufacturers.
30 Apr 2021
project44’s expansion into Asia and a new partnership with a risk management platform signify its aims to augment the number of use cases for transportation visibility.
17 Mar 2021
A partnership between TMS provider SupplyStack and visibility company project44 is emblematic of a growing need for European shippers to embed visibility into their shipment management workflow.
04 Mar 2021
The race for multimodal visibility is heating up as project44, fresh off a $100 million funding round, acquires container visibility specialist Ocean Insights for an undisclosed amount.
21 Dec 2020
Visibility provider project44 has raised $100 million in its latest funding round to build out its multimodal platform while hinting it may seek to go public in the next two years.
02 Dec 2020
Freight broker Transfix will integrate predictive visibility data from project44 to augment its existing app-based GPS location data as part of a long-term agreement with the multimodal visibility provider.
20 Oct 2020
A new set of data definitions for terminals and container lines to coordinate port calls was released Tuesday by the Digital Container Shipping Association, the non-profit group’s latest attempt to drive standardization in the maritime industry.
16 Oct 2020
As shippers and forwarders scramble for effective ways to consume visibility data, software providers are finding new angles to sell their products in a competitive market.
04 Aug 2020
The less-than-truckload (LTL) industry is catching the wave of digitization transforming supply chains, as e-commerce heightens shipper demand for improved service and visibility.
19 May 2020
project44 is ramping up the multi-modal nature of its visibility offering, another signal that shippers are craving single environments that connect all modes and regions.
15 Apr 2020
Logistics startups are facing a new reality in which funding rounds are likely to be smaller, recurring revenue expectations will be higher and valuations will be greater for subscription-based software than for digital brokers and forwarders.
BluJay, project44 team up in latest TMS-visibility partnership
23 Jan 2020
The trend of TMS vendors partnering with ancillary visibility and capacity providers continues apace, this time with BluJay Solutions creating an integration with Chicago-based visibility provider project44.
SAP to integrate project44 road visibility in North America, Europe
10 Dec 2019
Partnerships between core logistics software providers continue to expand, the latest example being SAP integrating North American and European visibility from project44 for its TMS user base.
17 Sep 2019
Shippers wanting to access quotes for truckload capacity through new digital platforms often struggle with pulling the quotes and related tendering into a single system, something software provider project44 is trying to tackle.
11 Mar 2019
Software provider project44 is looking to fill gaps in supply chain visibility, which it says occur most often at ports, rather than when cargo is at sea.
25 Feb 2019
The tie-up between US Bank Freight Payment and project44 on less-than-truckload moves is yet another a sign shippers are looking for more than just in-transit shipment data and predictive ETAs.
Global trade logistics technology.
05 Dec 2018
“By bringing our companies together permanently, we have created the first ever single-pane view into all our customers’ global shipments,” Jett McCandless, CEO and founder of project44, said.
A highway interchange in California, United States.
17 Oct 2018
The agreement will see the two companies provide their respective customer bases with tracking access to 175,000 multimodal carriers — 90,000 in North America and 85,000 in Europe.
Chicago - logistics technology capital.
08 Oct 2018
End-to-end visibility will make supply chains more efficient, Chicago-based project44’s President Tommy Barnes says, but only if shippers use data received to collaborate with partners.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
01 Oct 2018
The quickened pace of investment in the freight tech space amounts to growing expectations from venture capital investors that one or more of these companies will be able to truly transform a fragmented and often inefficient market.
A warehouse in the United States.
17 Sep 2018
“We sit in between the producers and our customers,” said Dirk Martin, senior director of transportation planning at Univar, a global distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals. “Downtime for [a customer’s] processing facility is hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions per hour. That’s our motivation for visibility: customer service.”
Transportation strategy as competitive edge
18 Nov 2017
Recognizing transportation management is a value-added component, not a commodity, can be a game-changing differentiator, project44's Tommy Barnes said in a 2017 Inland Distribution conference interview.