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TradeLens is an open and neutral supply chain platform underpinned by blockchain technology. Built by IBM and Maersk, its goal is to enable true information-sharing and collaboration across supply chains, thereby increasing industry innovation, reducing trade friction and—ultimately—promoting more global trade.

By embracing open standards and interoperability, fostering trust across the ecosystem, and encouraging broad-based participation, TradeLens hopes to user in an age of global supply chains, in which all parties can collaborate, share data, and realize the benefits of digitization.

TradeLens brings together all parties in the supply chain—including beneficial cargo owners, freight forwarders, inland transportation providers including rail and trucking, ports and terminals, ocean carriers, customs and other government authorities—onto a single, secure data-sharing and collaboration platform. Across all of these parties, TradeLens provides seamless, secure sharing of real-time, actionable supply chain information, encompassing shipping milestones, cargo details, trade documents, and sensor readings so that all stakeholders can mitigate problems through predictability and exception handling.

The TradeLens platform has been developed in a collaboration between Maersk and IBM and is supported by major players across the industry. Currently, the platform handles 10 million events and more than 100,000 documents every week.

The TradeLens ecosystem is comprised of over 100 diverse organizations including carriers, ports, terminal operators, 3PLs, freight forwarders and shippers. Together, participants publish and subscribe to data under a shipper-determined digital permissioning model.

The TradeLens ecosystem provides these benefits for the various kinds of organizations that belong to it:

-- Beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) at the heart of the supply chain are looking for new ways to work with their supply chain partners and manage their shipments from booking to delivery.

-- Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) handling their customers’ cargo want more visibility up and down the supply chain so they can act faster and lower the cost of every shipment.

-- Train, truck and barge operators use the ecosystem to find trustworthy data that helps them to predict and optimize equipment utilization, speed up pick-ups and drop-offs and reduce queueing times.

-- Customs authorities and other agents in charge of the import and export of goods want powerful new tools to help them simply and clearly identify risks and efficiently process huge volumes of trade that cross their borders.

-- Port communities and terminal operators are seeking ways to reduce the cost of connecting partners in the supply chain in order to increase stack placement efficiency and optimize truck and vessel service times.

-- Ocean carriers around the world are looking to improve their asset utilization in order to maximize their profit margins, minimize their losses, and offer competitive rates on every shipment.

-- Financial service providers, including insurance companies, are looking to eliminate discrepancies on policies and letters of credit, and to reduce claims-adjustment costs with a verifiable and agreed source of truth.

-- Specialists in digital supply-chain software solutions are looking to develop apps for global BCOs, carriers and government authorities on a single, open platform with a dedicated marketplace.

29 Nov 2022
TradeLens’ failure to gain traction after four years was due to several factors, not least of which was trying to convince ocean carriers and their customers to provide sensitive data to a technology platform partly owned by Maersk.
15 Nov 2022
PayCargo has extended its reach into the forwarding industry via an integration with software vendor Raft that minimizes PayCargo’s need to directly connect with CargoWise.
05 Jul 2022
Forwarding software provider WiseTech Global has waded into the fragmented electronic bill of lading space with the purchase of Bolero, an early provider of trade finance and electronic documentation tools.
24 May 2022
Nowports has landed a cash infusion from logistics technology investor SoftBank to expand its reach in the LatAm market, as investment in the so-called digital forwarding model shows no signs of slowing.
28 Dec 2021
TradeLens has continued progress in building its network in Asia by securing Pakistan Customs and its single window initiative as a new member, bookending its existing investment in India.
20 Oct 2021
Flock Freight is the latest logistics technology company to reach so-called unicorn status after landing a $215 million funding round led by SoftBank to expand its pooled truckload model.
20 Jul 2021
Technology provider EDRAY, flush with new funding, has expanded its range of solutions to include a drayage marketplace and visibility tools.
24 Jun 2021
TradeLens has followed expansion into China with full integrations of Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express, meaning the platform now has five of the world’s top six container lines.
17 Jun 2021
Expansion into China is another piece of progress for TradeLens, the visibility and shipment data platform co-developed by Maersk and IBM.
15 Oct 2020
TradeLens said Thursday that Maersk’s liner competitors MSC and CMA CGM are both “fully integrated” into the platform, which could make it more appealing for cargo owners and 3PLs to use the blockchain-based solution.
28 Jul 2020
A data-sharing initiative between key container gateways in Europe and Asia underlines the need for shippers and service partners to be connected into multiple shipping networks.
23 Jul 2020
Mumbai-based forwarder Shipwaves has joined TradeLens, bolstering the Maersk/IBM-led shipping visibility and documentation platform’s moves in India.
10 Jul 2020
Cosco Shipping's partnership with Alibaba and the group’s finance arm Ant Financial, which will primarily focus on using blockchain to track containerized goods globally, fits into China’s larger goal of creating a digital silk road threading through its Belt and Road initiative.
08 Jul 2020
London-based digital cargo insurer Loadsure partners with Chicago-based Transship to more fully automate refrigerated containerized exports.
28 May 2020
The addition of DP World to Maersk and IBM’s blockchain platform TradeLens is a feather in the cap of the still nascent container logistics network, bringing a string of more than 80 terminals and associated business into the fold.
08 Jan 2020
TradeLens container line participants have filed an antitrust exemption agreement with the Federal Maritime Commission to allow them to discuss how to share information and develop products on Maersk and IBM’s blockchain-based technology platform.
11 Dec 2019
Chicago-based startup Transship is teaming with TradeLens and other tech companies to create an automated shipping and forwarding platform for containerized perishables shipments.
17 Oct 2019
GCT has joined with a number of other terminal operators in participating in the IBM- and Maersk-developed TradeLens platform to get better access to container data and visibility.
Blockchain platform TradeLens seeks ‘organizational identity’
12 Sep 2019
The adoption of blockchain-based container shipping software may depend on the efficacy of associated identity management and data security components.
23 Jul 2019
It’s likely only a matter of time before antitrust regulators turn their gaze to new shipping partnerships formed in private blockchain.
Data compartmentalization key to TradeLens carrier buy-in
02 Jul 2019
Maersk’s rival carriers understand their data will be kept private, and broader carrier acceptance will drive more value for shippers, Maersk’s TradeLens emphasized to
TradeLens boosts arsenal with addition of Hapag-Lloyd, ONE
02 Jul 2019
With the addition of Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express (ONE), TradeLens members now control more than 61 percent of global containership capacity, according to maritime analyst Alphaliner.
Wind blades stowed on the deck on the G2Ocean Star Juventas.
05 Jun 2019
CargoX’s “smart” bill of lading allows for the digital transfer of shipping documentation, but CBO Vjeran Ortynski says government acceptance of digital originals will be the “real disruptor.”
17 Apr 2019
Container carrier Zim is the second independent line to join Maersk and IBM’s blockchain platform, with other European carriers poised to join, has learned.
A soybean farm in Kansas, United States.
05 Nov 2018
Coupled with other, recent logistics-focused, blockchain developments, the announcement by Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus on Oct. 25 could be seen as tangible progress in the advancement of commercially viable uses of the somewhat controversial technology.
A container ship at sea.
13 Aug 2018
A LinkedIn discussion served as a microcosm for how shippers and the broader logistics industry are wrestling with a few key questions regarding blockchain. Are blockchain’s proponents inordinately and/or prematurely boosting the new technology — including its appropriateness and efficiency-enhancing capabilities?