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WiseTech Global [CargoWise]

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Australia-based WiseTech Global’s signature product is CargoWise One, an integrated digital management solution used in some 130 countries. A single-platform software solution, CargoWise One enables logistics service providers to execute highly complex transactions in areas such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, e-commerce, and cross-border compliance, while managing their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages, and currencies.

CargoWise One’s complete suite of integrated enterprise resource-planning applications meet both the horizontal (end-to-end operational) and vertical (sector-focused) demands of the logistics industry, integrating the businesses of shippers with those of their customers and partners. Used both by major multinationals and smaller corporations, CargoWise One’s modular system allows customers to choose those applications that best meet their business needs. Data only needs to be keyed in once, after which it becomes accessible across the firm’s entire worldwide operations.

Other key features are:

-- WiseCloud, which provides reliable, and comprehensive application delivery and management services from CargoWise One’s global data network. Users have 24/7 access to global disaster recovery capability, data management, upgrades and maintenance, backup, and continuity planning across for their businesses.

-- WiseLearning, which provides online training and education options, available at no additional cost to all licensed users.

02 Nov 2022
WiseTech Global has resumed its acquisitive ways with the purchase of Shipamax, a UK-based logistics data extraction software vendor.
05 Jul 2022
Forwarding software provider WiseTech Global has waded into the fragmented electronic bill of lading space with the purchase of Bolero, an early provider of trade finance and electronic documentation tools.
10 Dec 2021
An electronic connection between CargoWise and Singapore Airlines is another sign that digital management of bookings and shipment modifications is gaining momentum in the air cargo market.
10 May 2021
The importance of integrating rate management capability into a forwarder operating system has driven Descartes to acquire German software maker Portrix, the third such acquisition by a widely used forwarding system in recent years.
16 Apr 2021
Chain.io, which provides logistics companies and shippers with a cloud-based integration platform to better connect the myriad systems they use, has raised $5 million to broaden its reach.
12 Feb 2021
Forwarders are viewing traditional backbone operating systems not as a one-stop technology shop, but rather as a vehicle to attach complementary tools that help them serve shipper customers better.
08 Sep 2020
CEVA will use widely used forwarding software CargoWise to replace legacy systems across its global network of offices as it attempts to match new customer-facing digital capability with a more streamlined back-end system.
11 May 2020
Forwarders wanting to build instant quoting capability often need to juggle multiple systems and navigate setbacks to get to a desired state of reaching broader customer segments.
CargoSphere, now a part of the forwarding software provider WiseTech Global, has for years been chasing a way to more effectively pull ocean carrier rates electronically into its system.
05 Nov 2019
The freight rate management software provider has developed a uniform way for carriers to convey real-time rates to forwarders and NVOCCs using its rate-sharing platform, allowing for quicker and more accurate quoting to shippers.
WiseTech Global is making a big push into the US with the acquisition of Depot Systems, which runs container yards and handles container bookings.
19 Aug 2019
WiseTech’s purchase of Depot Systems allows it to gain yard container management technology in the US.
The arms race among freight forwarding enterprise systems should be a boon for forwarders and their beneficial cargo owner customers by extending the number of applications available through a single platform.
01 Jun 2018
The arms race among freight forwarding enterprise systems should be a boon for forwarders and their beneficial cargo owner customers by extending the number of applications available through a single platform.