Drayage is the retrieval of shipping containers from ports and hauling them to inland locations such as rail heads, distribution centers, or stores. Ports in the US struggle to position chassis efficiently, and chassis shortages are a key contributor to port congestion. The issue of chassis maintenance and repair is also a sticking point in employer negotiations with longshore labor unions.

US importers shipping through various ports are often concerned about such challenges as congested marine terminals, lengthy truck turn times, equipment shortages, and distribution warehouses stuffed beyond capacity for weeks or longer. Major gateways also experience various degrees of equipment shortages, and delays in the return of empty containers. Some ports in Asia could also risk experiencing a shortage of empty containers.


The reason blockchain has so much appeal to owner-operator truckers is that it puts them on an equal footing with their larger competitors.

News & Analysis

08 Nov 2022
US transportation companies with cash on hand are acquiring asset-based truckers and non-asset freight brokers alike to add services and shipper customers and build network density.
29 Aug 2022
The latest acquisition by RoadOne strengthens its national intermodal drayage fleet, connecting customers and containerized freight from the Northeast to the US Gulf Coast.
24 Aug 2022
NY-NJ marine terminals have been almost constantly offering Saturday gates over the last two years to help move import volumes, but those gates have accounted for only about 5 percent of total truck transactions.
22 Aug 2022
RoadOne sees demand for transload services as being sustainable enough to outlast any economic downturn as it invests in facilities in Norfolk and Oakland.
11 Aug 2022
As a new clean truck rule in California looms, replacing older trucks with compliant vehicles is becoming increasingly difficult — and costly — amid shortages of microchips and other parts.
10 Aug 2022
The Harbor Trucking Association says it will provide evidence to the FMC about the burdens that West Coast drayage carriers face in returning empties to Los Angeles–Long Beach marine terminals.
02 Aug 2022
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it will start charging an export container dwell fee in a bid to prod ocean carriers to remove more containers than they drop off.
02 Aug 2022
Drivers are returning to port drayage as long-haul trucking rates slide and operating costs for small, independent motor carriers rise.
21 Jul 2022
Some California trucking companies have already taken the brokerage plunge, enabling them to contract at arm’s length with independent truckers who have set themselves up as single-truck carriers.
07 Jun 2022
Canada’s Class I railroads have been dealing with a surge of freight from Vancouver that has taxed a shrinking pool of available truckers across the country in Ontario.
01 Jun 2022
Customs software provider KlearNow has added a drayage service to its product in order to sync cargo availability to capacity from its network of dray providers.
17 May 2022
Amid supply chain gridlock throughout the US, the Port of Houston has signed an agreement to investigate the potential use of an electric rail shuttle system for inland container movement.
05 May 2022
For the second time in two weeks, a container line has been assessed a US civil penalty for collecting detention fees last year when it allegedly did not provide drayage providers with a means to return empty containers.
25 Apr 2022
Seven ocean carriers blocked empty container returns to New York-New Jersey marine terminals last week as import volumes swell due to West Coast freight diversions.
15 Apr 2022
Ocean carriers say they have swept more of the empty containers that have plagued truckers who have had to make extra trips further away from ports to store the boxes.
06 Apr 2022
Truckers working the Port of New York and New Jersey say they are not always being paid enough for increasingly longer trips away from the port to deliver empty containers.
18 Mar 2022
Intermodal equipment provider TRAC is turning to a one-year-old US chassis manufacturer as it seeks to increase its fleet of marine container chassis.
17 Mar 2022
The Harbor Trucking Association and other California groups are backing proposed legislation that would strengthen an existing law that limits the circumstances when container fees can be charged.
11 Mar 2022
Yang Ming is extending waivers on fees related to import containers lingering at marine terminals because of congestion, which truckers claim is due to empty boxes.
08 Mar 2022
Drayage provider NEXT Trucking is piloting a peel pile program in Southern California that links vessel stowage at origin with quick unloading of containers at warehouse destinations to narrow total transit times for shipments.
14 Feb 2022
Bob Curry Sr., a drayage industry pioneer who grew Cal Cartage from a Southern California less-than-truckload operator to a logistics provider for the container shipping industry throughout the US, died last week at 90.
10 Feb 2022
Visibility software company FourKites is tracking a drop in cargo volumes and on-time performance in northbound shipments as protesting Canadian truck drivers bring more disruption to the US-Canadian border.
19 Jan 2022
A historic drayage capacity shift from larger carriers to small companies and owner-operators is complicating efforts by importers to secure capacity and move containers inland.
18 Jan 2022
Singapore-based drayage technology provider Haulio has landed an investment that it plans to use to grow its footprint in Southeast Asia.
13 Jan 2022
Houston is seeing a surge in imports thanks to the upsizing of vessel services from Asia as other Gulf Coast ports look for a similar uplift.
12 Jan 2022
The port of New York and New Jersey saw more ships wait longer for an open berth to start 2022 as holidays and the Omicron outbreak dealt a swift hit to port-wide capacity.
12 Jan 2022
Several Southeast ports will expand container capacity in 2022, but the question for most is when will Savannah clear all the anchored vessels outside its harbor?
10 Jan 2022
The acquisition of EHS Trucking allows RoadOne to connect East Coast and Midwest intermodal and truckload operations.
05 Jan 2022
Increases in spot truckload rates to Chicago from eastern US ports are outpacing rate hikes off the West Coast, as the spot market enters 2022 at record price levels amid “extraordinary” demand.
03 Dec 2021
Technology systems used to identify first available empty return appointments at Los Angeles and Long Beach container terminals may be a key in unlocking congestion in the key import gateway.
21 Oct 2021
Kuehne + Nagel and Blume Global are partnering to provide the forwarder a way to manage existing and potential drayage partners in a more efficient manner as shippers focus on their needs at destination.
14 Oct 2021
Vendorflow, a new platform to harmonize communications between logistics providers and the carriers they use, has secured funding from a range of venture capital investors with previous logistics expertise.
29 Sep 2021
A demurrage dispute between a New York customs broker and Mediterranean Shipping Co. unmasks the degree to which key communication of shipment milestones is overly reliant on email.
13 Sep 2021
Taking aim at a lack of proof-of-delivery certainty in global logistics, Clockwork Logistics Systems has received financial backing from a range of logistics-focused investors.
08 Sep 2021
National drayage operator RoadOne is filling in gaps in its service network through acquisitions, and expanding transloading services as container backlogs build up at ports.