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There will be an enormous gap in the price between zero-emission fuel and conventional marine fuel over the next 20 years – something that needs to be addressed, according to a report from the Getting to Zero Coalition.

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Initially considered a temporary measure, some forwarders believe the shift from relying on fixed-price block space agreements with airlines to full charter operations has become permanent.
Maersk is going beyond its previous efforts to cut emissions, accelerating its decarbonization timeline and extending net-zero targets across its land, sea, and air business.
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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hang over the air cargo business, and until regular international travel resumes, shippers will find space in tight supply and rates at elevated levels.
The trans-Atlantic trade will report significant volume growth in 2021 as heavy US demand fills all available capacity and pushes rates to record levels.
Despite the urgency around decarbonizing one of the world’s most polluting industries, the IMO continues to struggle to achieve consensus on the way forward among its 175 member states.
Forwarders are raising red flags as a more integrated Maersk becomes better equipped to establish direct relationships with shippers.