Mark Szakonyi

Mark Szakonyi

Executive Editor, Mark Szakonyi, based in Washington, D.C., covers railroads, U.S. transportation and trade policy, sourcing and ocean shipping.

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Maritime regulators are wrestling with how to refine rulemaking on when it is unreasonable for carriers to refuse export bookings, writes JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.

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Yilport's Robert Yildirim tells JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi the container shipping industry is well-poised to keep up profits through an expected slowdown in global container volumes in the...
The US Federal Maritime Commission is casting a wider net for potential investigations into container demurrage and detention billing with new steps for initiating complaints.
Peak season import volumes amid ongoing supply chain woes are raising the stakes if labor unions and US Class I railroads can’t return to the bargaining table without disruption.
A series of European port strikes show the rising risk of industrial actions, as global inflation squeezes workers throughout containerized supply chains, writes JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.
Northbound capacity from Brazil to the US is tight due to ongoing strength in US imports, a reality that has boosted freight rates and is likely to continue until at least the fourth quarter of 2022.
With new incentives, the Port of New Orleans and Louisiana state economic officials are targeting retail distribution centers to ease export-import balance that’s cost the port service and volumes.
President Joe Biden has promised to sign ocean shipping reform legislation, but the bill won’t do anything to address US port and inland congestion or the record freight rates he’s railed against.
US container shipping regulators are signaling measured moves aimed at providing more structure to commercial exchanges without stepping directly into them, writes JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.
Trans-Pacific container lines are adding capacity ahead of an expected early peak season, but blank sailings will continue to challenge North American importers even as Shanghai reopens.
US retail spending is increasing despite inflationary pressures, while bookings and port volumes remain strong, suggesting the inventory warnings of Walmart and Target have not hit the larger retail...